Meet Kypseli

Meet Kypseli

Kypseli is one of the most historic and lively areas of the center of Athens.

A walk along the central artery of the neighborhood, Fokionos Negri, convinces you that Kypseli is not another neighborhood in the center. Modern Kypseli is a mosaic of cultures, where images, cultures, languages and civilizations from all over the world come together. During the interwar period, this particular street and the wider area were teeming with social and artistic life. The area of Kypseli was the heart of Athenian culture, gathering cinemas, theaters, night clubs.

The rich history that accompanies it can be seen from the mansion houses with inner courtyards of the 1930s, a period in which it became a hangout for intellectuals of the “30s generation”, which included Elytis, Egonopoulos and Empirikos, among others. A few years later, with the intensive reconstruction of the apartment buildings, the area will be established as an urban neighborhood.

One of the important attractions of Fokionos Negri is the Municipal Market of Kypseli. The historic building was built in 1935 and is a typical example of Athenian modernism. Now it is a meeting and reference point for the residents of Kypseli and often hosts social events, small local businesses and civic groups.

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