Electronic building identity card: An extension to its issuance is coming

Electronic building identity card: An extension to its issuance is coming

An extension is expected to be given to the obligation to issue an Electronic Building Identity by the Ministry of Environment.

From July 1, no transfer of property will be allowed unless the electronic building ID has been issued beforehand.

The market is declaring itself unprepared to implement the new measure and from next Tuesday, June 29, all property transactions will be done exclusively online through the myProperty platform of the AADE.

However, an extension is expected as many records are not yet digitized as stated by Mr. Michael Kalogiannakis, President of Diploma in Rural Surveying Engineers.

With the electronic building identity card, a complete electronic file for each property is created for the first time.

This “Electronic file” includes the building permit, the energy performance certificate, the floor plans, the millimetre table, the construction control certificate, etc.

It must be issued when transferring all properties, for the final settlement of category 4 unauthorised buildings, for all new buildings, when issuing a building permit or authorising works (addition of a floor, radical renovation)

According to Kalogiannis, “every citizen who needs to get an electronic building ID must go to his engineer who will explain the steps, he must gather some papers. The most time-consuming thing is the permit drawings. If they are old it will take time. The first step is difficult so there will be an extension.”

Source: topo-ges.gr